‘Change it back’: Snapchat users are furious about the latest update

Snapchat revealed another update loaded with new plans and highlights this week, however users didn’t appear to be excited about this new update, instead everyone wants the old one back.

Stories are never again requested sequentially. Rather they are positioned in view of your latest connections. It additionally makes a couple of more moves to rewatch a story. The alternative to rewatch a post isn’t accessible directly in the wake of survey. You now need to go to the user’s profile to get a moment top.

Besides, the friends section now contains snaps, coordinate messages and gathering visits all on one page instead of partitioned ones as previously. Also, to deal with your own particular stories, you now need to tap the Snapchat logo to get to the camera and to see your story and erased snaps.

As the modifications showed up, numerous took to social media to express their dismay. A few said they despised it, responding with GIFs and emoticons.


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