You can now tag your friends on Snapchat

So, now Snapchat decided to borrow this feature from Instagram. As per the reports, Snapchat is now letting you tag your friends in their stories with a link to their profile.

This was first pickup by Matt Rappaport. As indicated by him, it may very well end up resembling precisely as we can anticipate that it will be. Sort out a username in the content field on your picture or video inscription in Stories, and watchers will have the capacity to tap on it to raise another menu connecting to the client information, where you’ll have the capacity to specifically include them as a companion.

In any case, there’s no autofill, which implies on the off chance that you compose ‘@’, you won’t get the alternative to label a man, so you should recollect the username with a specific end goal to connect them to your snap-story.

Snapchat affirmed to TechCrunch that “We’re trying this,” in spite of the fact that the element hasn’t taken off to all clients and there’s no official word on when to anticipate that it will make a more formal discharge.

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