Basir Shamsie is appointed as the new President and CEO of JS Bank

JS Bank’s directorate have named Basir Shamsie as the new President and CEO of the bank replacing the previous CEO Khalid Imran.

The board has acknowledged the acquiescence of active President and CEO of the bank and advanced his Deputy CEO as bank’s new President and CEO.

Mr. Shamsie has been filling in as the SEVP and Group Head Treasury, Investment Banking and Financial Institutions at JS Bank throughout the previous 12 years. He likewise filled in as a Director, Head of Fixed Income at JS Bank for over 12 years.

Shamsie additionally has Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and Management from University of Texas, Austin.

Since 1999, he has effectively driven and shut 27 obligation capital market exchanges, a considerable lot of which have been point of interest exchanges, for example, the primary business paper, first coasting rate instrument, first never-ending security, first bank subordinated obligation, initial 10-year corporate security, and the main neighborhood Sukkuk Bond of Rs. 8 billion for WAPDA.

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