An exclusive interview with Mr. Raza Gorar, Digital Transformation Consultant – String Media

An exclusive interview with Mr. Raza Gorar, Digital Transformation Consultant - String Media

BM: Tell us about your professional journey.
RG: My professional roadmap combines a journey marking over 13 years, of progressive experience with a proven record of delivering innovative solutions for commercial gain of the business, establishing and mentoring result oriented teams, improving the effectiveness & efficiency of marketing efforts, delivering award winning communication, launching & nurturing successful consumer brands.

Having a vast experience moving from media to brand management, my current mission is to help brands break free from the conventional and embrace the creative and technological changes. Currently, working as the Digital Transformation consultant in the digital space of String Media, my main concern is to support companies in thinking, designing, and managing their communication and business to actuate digital transformation in the branding, digital marketing and commerce fields.

BM: What challenges do you face in the market of digital media?
RG: I consider challenges more as opportunities, looking at them as a learning point and improving day by day. However, the biggest challenge we have to face is the client’s budget limitations along with their plans. We are observing mushroom growth of agencies due to stiff competition in the market, where profitable growth has become a huge challenge to achieve. Digital is a recently grown phenomenon in Pakistan, so the other challenge that we have to face is feeding the brands our style of digital marketing, which is a huge task as we have to change their frame of mind. Nevertheless, the key prospects are to learn, adapt challenges and make the most them for future growth and development.

BM: How did you train and develop your team to achieve the set targets?
RG: Digital media and marketing is not a solo show, as it is impossible to achieve the goals and targets set forth. So, we initially began to plan the structure of our team, which was to hire individuals from different backgrounds; both fresh and experienced. Once the team was developed, we interacted and co-created brand structures and solutions, hence empowering my team to share their thoughts and prove them right and this way they come out as a more productive unit. And luckily our clients are content with what we provide them.

BM: What new changes or innovations has your company introduced with respect to digital media?
RG: At String Media, we have redone the entire structure of digital marketing while emphasizing on e-commerce.  Today, we have about three clients that have trusted us and taken a step ahead towards this initiating venture in Pakistan. For e-commerce clients, digital marketing is very different from others, as for them selling is everything.  While working with them, one cannot go ahead with traditional and conventional mindsets. Hence, we tend to go ahead with multiple training sessions, in the urge to set up a developed and separate vertical, especially for this erupting digital market.

BM: Do you think we have met the international standards with regards to digital marketing and advertising?
RG: I don’t think we lack behind the international market either conventionally or digitally, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The main reason we might just lack behind is because of the absence of a proper body/association for the stability of the digital medium and its market. Other than that, we are growing meticulously and at a rapid pace. The industry is new and therefore it’s in need of a healthy competition. So, it’s just a matter of time that we will overcome every challenge and grow about to become a large and competitive digital market on a global scale.

BM: What new ventures are there to be seen from digital perspectives in String Media?
RG: I cannot commit to or confirm anything as yet, but one thing’s for sure that we will continue to work certified teams; strengthening every team member with the key perspective of capacity building and organizing more training sessions. Digital is going to be a game changer for businesses in Pakistan as it has already done so globally.