American food-chain, Bennigan’s set to launch multiple branches in Pakistan

Bennigan’s is one American food-chain that has branches worldwide and now the popular Irish themed restaurant is making it’s way to Pakistan! It is most well loved for the innovative drinks it offers, it’s chef-driven food and it’s knack for presenting customers with unique themes and concepts.

This has been the result of a master franchise agreement between the restaurant chain and the Baila Group of Companies in Pakistan. The two have collaborated to open four restaurants in the major cities of Pakistan and the first is set to be launched in Punjab this year.

According to the managing director of Baila Group, Parvez Iqbal, he has been a regular customer of Bennigan’s since he was a child, and now he wishes that Pakistanis will be able to share in on the heartwarming memories he associates with the brand.

At the contract signing, Mr. Iqbal said that when the chain will come to Pakistan, a strict cultural and religious protocol will be followed and no alcohol or pork will be served on the menu.

Bennigan’s has been around since 1976 and although it is based in the United States, it currently operates in 8 countries around the world with a total of 27 restaurants. Pakistan  will be the 9th country, the business has set it’s sights on.

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