HTC showed off it’s rumored flagship phone with gigabit speeds

HTC showcased a phone in Taiwan last week. The rumors are it’s going to be the next HTC flagship phone. Called the U12, little is known about this mystery phone. HTC tends to release its flagships in the spring, so the timing is right, and it has a large, 18:9 screen with thin bezels, like the recent U11 Plus, suggesting it’s a higher-end device.Image result for HTC U12,Though the phone was showcased at a 5G event it doesnt use 5G technology, Instead, it’s going to be using gigabit LTE tech that includes something known as Licensed Assisted Access, or LAA. LAA combines LTE with the unlicensed 5GHz Wi-Fi band for additional bandwidth.Image result for HTC U12,During the demo, HTC was able to reach a download speed of 809 Mbps on a local cell network. Hypothetically, LAA could let the U12 reach gigabit speeds.